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November 12  1859: In Paris, the first flying trapeze act was performed by Jules Leotard ,French acrobat (1838-70) ,at the Cirque Napoleon without a safety net. The body-hugging costume he used was later named after him.

The flying trapeze is a very common act in many circus shows. The best flyers make their tricks look easy as they fly 50 feet above the air with only a net to save them.. The art of the flying trapeze is a very hard art to learn and perfect. Just the "basic swing" on the trapeze can take months of practice to perfect. 

Here are some of the easiest tricks for beginners:


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Hop off the  board,
hook your knees on the bar,
drop your hands and
arch your back.

Bird nest :

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put your feet under the bar
arch your back


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Pull your legs over the bar
Push with your arms and straighten your body to 45 degree angle


planche.jpg (93200 bytes)

same position than for the knee-hang but the bar must be a bit higher, on your thighs
arch and straighten your legs


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one foot on the bar in between your hands,the other one straight up
straighten your bent leg so it's off the bar
arch your back

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